Bucket Elevator

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     Bucket Elevators are used for vertical transportation of bulk materials such as grain, oilseed, pulses in industry and agriculture. Depending on the capacity and usage areas and the type of materials to be transported; We have six types of elevator production in terms of bucket volumes, engine sizes and elevator dimensions.

     Specific projects can be done for your business, in addition application can be made in the tower when necessary.

     Carrying capacities: 10 – 110 tons/hour


  • Designed as modular, dimensions; 500mm, 1000mm and 2000mm long galvanized elevator pipes,
  • Compact design that takes up less space,
  • Easy assembly and maintenance-repair,
  • Specially twisted and screw connection design, corrosion and rust resistant galvanized sheet production,
  • Lower and Upper Head with high resistance to abrasion,
  • System to prevent the elevators from returning when loaded,
  • Gearmotor connected to the rotation shaft,
  • Oil resistant, anti-static rubber tape.

          Additional Equipment and options:

  • Special equipment for transporting seeds,
  • Overspeed monitor,
  • Operating monitor,
  • Slider for capacity adjustments,
  • Various entrances and exits, entrance section,
  • Additional painting,
  • Aspiration connection, 
  • Anti-dust partitions,
  • Service platform,
  • Plastic buckets,
  • Fill section.
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Merhaba, size nasıl yardımcı olabiliriz?
Merhaba, size nasıl yardımcı olabiliriz?